Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10
Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10

Traktor Audio 10, Audio Interface for DJ from Native Instruments in the Traktor series.

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JimboSpins 10/07/2012

Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10 : JimboSpins's user review

« Feels like real vinyl »

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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Audio 10 was created to give you a real classic DJ experience but still keeping it all digital. The vinyl response on Scratch Audio 10 is very “tight” and clean, it will also not bring you much latency either. The interface for Scratch Audio 10 is very good with a nice sound, it will give you enough ins and outs as well as high quality stereo preamps for your turntables. The Traktor Scratch Audio 10 also has very bright LED lights so you can see what is happening very clearly.


The drivers are very stable on Scratch Audio 10 I have never had any issues. It has never froze or made my system slow. I have used it on a Windows Vista system multiple times as well as a custom built PC running Windows XP and on both systems it has worked great.


The manual is clear and sufficient, I did have to use the manual several times at first but each time that I needed to use it I was able to find exactly what I was looking for in no time. Setting up the Scratch “Audio 10 was not the quickest system that I have set up, but it was not hard. It just took more time than I expected to load onto my system. I did notice after installing that it took up a lot of hard drive space though.


My favorite thing about the Traktor Scratch Audio 10 is how it feels and coming from real vinyl to this was an easy transition for me. I have been using Traktor Scratch Audio since version 6 came out, this was a huge upgrade from version 6 but still has most of the same features. This is a great buy, even if you have never used a digital system like this before it would be a great system to start with. And if you are coming from vinyl you will feel like you are still on vinyl!