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  • Boost CD 240

    Boost CD 240 - dj ains's review


    Honestly 1 / 10 maximum ... 2 Boost BST avoid a marke ... Operating Preblemes important ... even too much ... To learn how to calibrate the sound or just trying to get into the world of perfect mix C ... But if C for regular use ... C even bo…

  • Boost CD 260

    Boost CD 260 - Dj_sypher's review


    Good to boost accort c m g test I sai not rained gemini kel ki nen swallowed pa oten surtt for the price. The finish is pa treible a listing on the c interface KC D 1ST ME ... Except to call debu o c a m pe cho o it manages its cask with the dial…

  • Boost CD 260

    Boost CD 260 - simonoche's review


    This dual CD player is pretty basic but relatively effective. - The Loop Systm trs is hard to grate dpart but with a bit of experience, we know the matriser trs quickly. A musical ear is more than enough! Personally I used primarily (the loop) for…

  • Boost CD 240

    Boost CD 240 - Cedjay's review


    Trs nice product but unfortunately there is always a problem, THE FIRST I bought the right deck was a default, I made a change and the wrong buttons , displaying the right deck DCON, the pitch of the plate is left on dfaillant 1x 3 ... TRS is a nic…

  • Boost HDJ 100

    Boost HDJ 100 - DJ Gaby's review


    How long have you use it? About 2 years What is the particular feature you like best and least? What I like is the price (about 100), the warning is that I've ever known has What was the "CUE" Have you tried many other models before acqur…

  • Boost CD 240

    Boost CD 240 - DJnicodemus62's review


    Very good report quality prix.Le Systm seamless loop occurs compared to other plate of the same type. Accessibility assistive good finish and good order. No problem of malfunction. …