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Thread I really need some help with some choices.

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1 I really need some help with some choices.

Hi.  Im 17 and in the last year i have become really interested in music production and DJing.  I have FL8 and love it   But i think learning to DJ in real life would open more opurtunites to me. 

Unfortunatly I dont really know anything about DJing so i am asking for advice.

#1.  Mixers-  I dont have much money so i want the best bang for my buck.  And i am a begginer so i dont need anything to horribly fancy.

#2.  Turntables or CDjs???

#3.  Best brands

P.S.  I plan on mixing Techno, Trance Jumpstyle and Hardstyle the most. So mixers or other items that work well in these categories please list..

Please help me.  Any info is much appreciated.