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  • Ecler nuo2

    Ecler nuo2 - " good food good sound"


    Yes Optional connecctic rca gold plated for platinum XLR x2 UTILIZATION nikel simple efficaace SOUNDS unn console out good sound whatsoever on the headphone and enceites parcontre by contribution to the gain I can not cut completely but…

  • Allen & Heath Xone:464 (Old Design)

    Allen & Heath Xone:464 (Old Design) - " Very good restaurant" has images


    The table is rack on the other hand provide room for the wiring under the hood if you keep bending. with the cover open thomann can make a rack for 200 euros. It's amazing ability to connect all on the table. Many possible return. Each tract has …

  • img Stage Line MPX-206

    img Stage Line MPX-206 - " Simple, effective."


    19-inch rack-mount (standard) Connections: - Input RCA (cinch) - DJ Mic Jack or XLR (the two are possible in front, behind only Jack) - Output A or A and B XLR RCA (cinch) What I like most is the dual system OUTPUT A and B. Can be connect…

  • Behringer DDM4000

    Behringer DDM4000 - " very good stuff"


    parametric equalizer like all the rest with effects .... and settings! UTILIZATION I'm not good can be, I had a little trouble to me, but after .... wow, I enjoy a lil crazy! Everything is configurable!! Incredible! the fader? that happiness! S…

  • Mackie U.420

    Mackie U.420 - " Monumental Deception"


    No rack, Jack inputs pff not even want to go if you want to know the specs, site management mackie UTILIZATION Simple manual so clear, so accessible functions. 4Entrées stereo output to your favorite DAW, super sucks. Ditto if you want two…

  • Behringer DJX750

    Behringer DJX750 - " good mixer"


    Is Rack? not types of RCA and XLR connectors for mic 4 channel 2 auxiliary return 1 section actually very bad (not to buy a box for effect) UTILIZATION general configuration be simple incomplete manual usual functions be accesible SOU…

  • Denon DJ DN-X1600

    Denon DJ DN-X1600 - " Not bad" has images


    What is the type of connection? -RCA Jack, XLR. How accurate sampling? Processing-DSP's internal 32 bit floating point, D / A converter 32 bit 24-Interface USB2.0 bits/96kHz (type "sound card) How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, …

  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design)

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design) - " Daube"


    Said before: Table Rack Lack of a box effect (a true) just filter The aqua non-parametric (damage) no auto-mix for me, I go my way UTILIZATION -The manual is clear and sufficient? No, only in English! The general configuration-i…

  • Ecler nuo 3.0

    Ecler nuo 3.0 - " perfect"


    3-way (including the micro switchable) equalizer gain by + by. possibility of "entry effect. analog table. UTILIZATION config very simple, nothing complicated. SOUNDS the sound is warm, it grows stronger and properly .. EQ per channel…

  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design)

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 (Old Design) - " Long live the made in china .... go your way!"


    Is Rack? Yes, comes with bracket What is the type of connection (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? see specifications UTILIZATION The general configuration is it simple? Simple The manual is clear and sufficient? .. In English, since 2004, t…

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