Aiaiai TMA-1
Aiaiai TMA-1

TMA-1, DJ headphone from Aiaiai.

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Cocolux 01/05/2014

Aiaiai TMA-1 : Cocolux's user review

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I use it for 1 year and a half and still have malgrés the fact that the bow broke off to play in places where I did not want to leave my equipment in good condition. I was seduced by the packaging and design to real say and I wanted to stay out of the Hd-25. The design is the Masterpoint with bass. The strength of the arch is the big minus.

With the experience I would look more towards the Hd-25 (what I did in the end)

I used it in everyday life as listeners, dj headphones and studio headphones.
The arch is tiring and lack of foam to make it comfortable enough to be kept forever. It is good for electronic music but lacks middle for classical music. The length of the cable is ok.

The headphone has its biggest flaw here, the arch breaks easily, and alot of my knowledge and record shops complain recurrent fault.

Nothing to say at this level, except that the sound insulation would be worth a little further and the lack of medium makes it less interesting in non-electronic music.