Aiaiai TMA-1
Aiaiai TMA-1

TMA-1, DJ headphone from Aiaiai.

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lovekats 01/23/2012

Aiaiai TMA-1 : lovekats's user review

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I use it for more than a month following a breakdown of my Technics.

I tried the Sennheiser HD25, trademark references monitoring headphones (beyerdynamic, etc ... (I have also an audio technica)

Setting up / comfort:

+: I have a big head, at least, it poses very well on my head, does not slip, does not compress, I do not feel its weight

-: In terms of ergonomics, and perhaps it is still new, the stiffness of the cable because it rubs against my clothes and sends a rubbing sound at the listening left. I do not have the most non-cable connected to the left side is fine for listening to MP3 player (at least for right-handed), but annoying for DJying where people often find connect to the right.

Sound quality:

+: It is relatively strong (but I have sensitive ears so I remain at relatively low / medium)
it insulates well, so there is no need to push him too. It is clear enough to make a mix without using headphones booth enclosure.

- I found the sound a bit dull, especially for bass that lack luster, they are present it is not the problem, but the sound is a bit messy, this is my big disappointment. After I know it is especially a favorite with trance DJ, I do not play ...


When I think that my old technics € 25/30 took over in the teeth, I tell myself that indeed these headphones bought € 130 is not a bad deal, I just hope it will last life as high as my old headset (+ 7 years) - who had failure to isolate very badly, as which nothing is ever perfect.

In any case, the type of tool for me to mix a good sound that is not clouded by what happens outside, soft arc to clear an ear, it does not great, however, the receiver must be released if the headphone slips - or reach forward.

Regarding the packaging does not interest me, I just wish they put more money in the quality of sound reproduction, rather than the decor.