Stanton Magnetics DJ Pro 2000 S
Stanton Magnetics DJ Pro 2000 S

DJ Pro 2000 S, DJ headphone from Stanton Magnetics.

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JimboSpins 10/07/2012

Stanton Magnetics DJ Pro 2000 S : JimboSpins's user review

« Sound great, but cheaply made »

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The Stanton DJ Pro 2000 S where out before the 3000’s where. To me the 2000 S have a way better sound then the upgraded or so called upgraded version 3000’s. The sound is very isolated and the ear cups are very comfortable. They have a pretty wide frequency response range allowing you to really sink into the music. I have used the Pro 2000 on multiple occasions and even having purchased multiple pairs of them. The issue with the Pro 2000 is that they are not built to last. Yes, you can replace the interchangeable cord if you need to but the headphones themselves will not last long. A little wear and tear will break these things apart in no time. The Pro 3000 are way better built than the 2000 S , but I still say go with the 2000 S because the sound is a lot better and they cost less.

The quality of sound on the DJ Pro 2000 is very good for a 90 dollar pair of headphones, but I have used and purchased 2 different pair of Pro 2000 S headphones within a 14 month time frame because one pair just got smashed during a travel and the over heard arch part cracked, and the second pair I took better care off but offer time the ear cup foam got really bad and someone the cord input spot on the headphones got a little loose. The Pro 2000 S headphones are not built to last you a long time, but they will give you a good sound. So enjoy them while they work because before you know it you will need to replace them and buy another pair. But I wouldn’t change my decision for anything because if you are tight on money you can get this for really cheap and they will work. I would by them again without a problem if I needed a good pair for a show and didn’t have the budget to get a better pair.