Synq Audio DMC-2000
Synq Audio DMC-2000

DMC-2000, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Synq Audio.

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Synq Audio DMC-2000

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Synq Audio announces the availability of its new control surface for DJ DMC-2000, designed to be compatible with most DJ software.

You can play and scratch your MP3+WAV tracks from FAT32 USB-drives up to 500GB.
  • 2 USB-players with digital 2 channel mixer, including 2 microphone inputs
  • All controls can be used to control various MIDI DJ software (Traktor, Virtual DJ, Deckadance...)
  • Can be used on laptop or PC (Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX)
  • 2 internal players:
    - USB-link: simultaneous playback from one USB-hdd on the 2 decks
    - The digital effects (echo, flange, filter) can be used manually or beat-synchronized
    - Scratch function and pitch bend with touch sensitive jog wheels
    - Several jog wheel modes: vinyl, CDJ and A.CUE scratch
    - Q-DBase system: sdatabase lookup system to find your tracks
    - Free Windows Q-DBase-builder software included
    - Manual and beat synchronized loops with real-time loop edit and divide/extend functions
    - For each track up to 4 cue points and seamless loops can be stored/recalled at any moment
    - Pitch control (+/-6%, 10%, 16%, 100%) 
    - Pitch lock (Master Tempo)
    - 2x 10 character alphanumeric VFD-display shows ID3-tag information
    - Random function with 2 different mode, for instance for background music in bars
    - Random: plays tracks, randomly selected from USB-stick/harddisk
    - Directory random: plays only tracks from a selected directory on the USB stick/harddisk
    - Fader start/stop (back cue) via crossfader of the internal mixer
    - Customizable setup menu for MIDI and other functions
  • Internal digital mixer:
    - Both input channels have selectable inputs: internal USB players, PC (DJ-software), external analog inputs (phono or line)
    - Both input channels can mix from different inputs (ex. Phono on ch1 can be mixed with USB-player on ch2)
    - Both input channels have digital gains, 3band control with kill and smooth DJ-faders.
    - 2 microphones with tone control and talkover function (jack + combo inputs) 
    - Master1 control with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA/cinch outputs
    - Master2 (booth) control with unbalanced RCA/cinch outputs
    - Crossfader with curve control and faderstart for internal USB players
    - Built-in 6-channel 24-bit soundcard which is ASIO-compatible
    - 2x10 segment VU-meter with PFL/master switch
    - PFL-section with CH1/CH2-mixing, level control and 6,3mm jack on the front panel
  • Kensington lock anti-theft feature
  • Optional 19” brackets available



449.00 EUR


For more details, head to

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