M-Audio Torq Conectiv
M-Audio Torq Conectiv

Torq Conectiv, DJ Package from M-Audio in the Torq series.

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gbdcrew 05/21/2010

M-Audio Torq Conectiv : gbdcrew's user review

«  To avoid absolutely more support from m audio »

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M-Audio Torq drop ship (the last official post was in March 2009) also Mac users still have no official driver for torq connectiv / AE (I mean the driver is in the 10.6.2 beta for nearly 8 months and nothing gets done) some users have come to the point of leaving their mac version 10.5.8 to use the official driver (not beta 10.6.x).

M audio crazy world he abandoned the project torq (no communication since 1.5.2) there have been dropped by the concurence (even mixvibes went before them! While it has avoided a soft front).

Serato or Traktor you buy something more professional if vouscompte finally play somewhere other than in your room is otherwise in case torq is a good product (no need for stability in the bedroom or a nickel or a midday advanced) and value for money is worth (although scratch duo does not cost so much more expensive and there is a real development team behind).

I had connectiv for 1 ½ years I have had nothing but M *** on XP as well as in snow leopard (naive I thought that changing the operating system it would go better but the problem c ' torq is in itself and devellopppeur that do nothing).

Flick of a client geule insatifsfait I recommending torq has informed me she wanted to have all we all go in the concurence (for traktor serato for some else) and it was fun to play again.

TORQ Disgusted with DVS:

1) Making permanent head casi we came even have a plug in our laptop on a wiggler to be sure everything is stable in the evening.

2) No changes for over a year (March 2009).

3) Not strictly speaking a noon (midi learn riduculement configurable).

4) Its rot (attenuated because of the equalizer and the torq soundcard).

5) Library manageable only in itunes.

6) Dropped by competitors on all points.

Do not make the stupidity of buying TORQ! (You turn to the other and at worst save dvs does not crack because you will regret it).