M-Audio Torq Conectiv
M-Audio Torq Conectiv

Torq Conectiv, DJ Package from M-Audio in the Torq series.

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gotleg 08/02/2008

M-Audio Torq Conectiv : gotleg's user review


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I bought this pack there are approximately one week and I am totally satisfied. I mix on vinyl about 8 years and the result is impeccable.

I hesitated a long time with the pack MK2 mixvibes but since their site was having problems and it was impossible to download the latest drivers for the sound card I decided to try an adventure with M-Audio. Also I had the opportunity to test the Torq Xponent (M-Audio) and store the result convinced me.

I was impressed with the responsiveness of the product. The sound quality is good (it was not even a grain vinyl but it's very correct) and very low latency. The Torq software is very comprehensive and can do whatever you want super easy: Loops, effects, ...

I mostly mix of techno, electro, house and drum 'n bass and it really nickel.
Small precision all the same, the sound of the scratch is very good although slightly different from a real vinyl (I tested the difference between a real vinyl and MP3 version). I think it's the only small weak point in Torq.
Maybe for someone who only scratch it can be a bit annoying but the difference is minimal and then you can always put an instrument on one side with Torq and your preferred vinyl Octo Beat the other :-)
Value for money nickel, I got it new for just over € 200 in nuloop.com.
I would definitely do it again this election!

I recommend it to all, I think the quality is very close to the most expensive solutions (Final Scratch or Serato) and the price difference is not justified.

Last thing, I just installed the system on an old laptop that I was not sure what to do (P4 2Ghz with only 256MB of ram). The system is blank (Windows XP SP2 freshly installed) by installing and Torq Connect and many things go like clockwork. The display although some slowdowns at times but the sound never moves!
Only 180Mo of memory used in the open mix with effects enabled and latency to 256 samples (I think it is less than 10ms). It also runs smoothly at 128 samples but it is never too careful.