M-Audio Torq Conectiv
M-Audio Torq Conectiv

Torq Conectiv, DJ Package from M-Audio in the Torq series.

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Davinz007 03/18/2008

M-Audio Torq Conectiv : Davinz007's user review


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Hello all,

APRS 6 months of use, here is an update on the good and bad points Torq Conectiv +.
At installation, not rocket science, you just need the config paramtrer Torq, with a minimum of technical language English, spent alone.
He had to wait 2 months APRS buying a new PC with Vista for M audio shall decide finally to provide a soft compatible. UNACCEPTABLE.
Here is my opinion regarding the mix hip hop and electronic:
HIP HOP: Not too much latency for all that is scratch "core" samples INSERR scratches back almost to the same standard as on vinyl, but as CRAZE DJ Q-Bert or feel the diff ence my opinion ....
However, for the pass and beat jugglin pass', a Mac or PC really on top, and the plates and cells are essential. For my part, on the basis of two cells and SL1200 mk2 ortonfon consistent silver, is made just for Pass Pass (and again ...), but the insert is made of scratch without problem. I should receive DIGITACK, I will change my opinion if necessary (apparently it's the ball). Be careful and clean your vinyl timecodsrgulirement cells and during your sets (especially cells), where you will have surprises!

ELECTRO: It's like real vinyl, but better. The act of asking to see a CUE on the breaks of the songs leaves much room the Fast Fashion. If we use in addition to the sampler, a given really.
The ratio quality price is okay for now, until falling prices firewire card ...
I soon reois an AKAI MPD 24, j'mettrais a new opinion on the use of a Controller with USB TORQ now l.