Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 3.x
Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 3.x

Virtual DJ 3.x, DJ Software from Atomix Productions in the Virtual DJ series.

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Clax 05/27/2005

Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 3.x : Clax's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I always apprci mixer. A few years ago when I mixais in CD and vinyl j'tais particulirement rticent to facilities (BPM counters, master tempo, ...). I still tried several programs PC-DJing. I had a flash when I vritable Discoveries VirtualDJ so silent that I think its version 1.08 and shortly APRS I ripped and put the basement most of my CDs and vinyls.

I use this app but now the house is perfect for use in the club. I dj test tonight and I must say I surprised t trs enjoyable benefits that this program can provide a DJ.

I use this program without SPECIFICATIONS Controller if it is an external mixer to which I connect the three outputs (two decks + samples), while fitting the two amps. I also back the sound of my table to spread the opportunity of the Internet Radio VirtualDJ (


Worry-free installation, set the days overlap without conflict.

The only incompatibility (and even the tests are underway to vrifier if it is not a problem of the hardware configuration and graphics drivers), my graphics card is linked to GeforceFX5200 seems pluttfche with new features VirtualDJ video.

The configuration program could not be easier and ds the license acquired virtually all users of the rise in official forum crneau to help and give a solution in record time.

The manual is well done particulirement except that PEIT is a bit older and everything has not changed since the t Reported period s Day program. A new version of the manual, however, is underway and should be available near term.
In addition, the manual explains the program also features the basics of DJing and setting tempo.


I use this program with a PC running Athlon 1.1GHz (motherboard EPOX 8KTA3) with 784Mo SDRAM 133MHz, sound card Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 (59 euros in supermarkets) for the two decks, and the map intgre for his sampler, and an NVidia graphics card GeforceFX5200; much that the program can run on old machines, and underperforming.
It is noted that there is a rglage that allows fluid to give his / display (paramtre "reactivity") according to the power of his machine.

The software works perfectly with this configuration except that the simultaneous recording of the mix the return of the portal is just a little good quality MP3 conversion. However, do not ask for this miracle BCAN old.
I recall here the problem with my graphics card dj Previous cit point, but which in principle is being lucida. It seems that this is the only card that has problems like that.
I The argument runs well with "reactivity" in fast mode.

This configuration is stable, the few bugs still have t Submitted rays dernire the release of this version.


I use VirtualDJ for over a year.

J'apprcie particulirement all the ease of management of the program, its many features, plugins and skins cres same by users, and especially the monitoring of the socity Atomix Productions. Atomix particulirement following the wishes of users when new features Fast Fashion. Trs is attentive to the remarks of its customers.
It must be stressed here that up Submitted, from 1.0, all updates are FREE t!
I have until no comments Submitted to dfavorable vis - vis the product and which markets the socity.

I find the report / quality excellent price. The price is attractive and trs is nothing compared to the opportunities offered.

Exprience with it is certain that I acquired this new program is a marvel.