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Thread Making Techno Music with just software.

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Topic Making Techno Music with just software.
I've always wanted to make my own techno music. But I've tried instruments before, and I'm not that coordinated with my arms. Is there any software out there that you can make techno music on from start to finish? If this is a stupid question, please forgive me... I am new to these forums.
I had a nice experience with Orion , there is the right rhythm machine and subtractive synths. what about fruity loops? but i think it's better for trance music or house, i ever play with cubase using any of other programs as rewire-hosts
fruity loops sucks...unless you want a beginners way into dance production...i would go with reason myself, its pretty user friendly and there is a lot of capabilites....honestly though u should look into a midi controller beacuse step recording is a pain in the ass....even though your arnt coordinated you can edit out all timing mistakes relativley easily
Reason is my tried & tested production tool, but ableton is REALLY REALLY good.

I wouldn't miss ableton, especially if you wanna use lots of samples!

Here's a simple beginners tutorial on ableton - Beginners Guide to Ableton Live