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Thread Ez-dj

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1 Ez-dj
ez-dj is a good program but i am looking for even better if u know any let me no 8)
What sort of features do you want from your software? What is it you want to achieve?
Almost every other multiple mp3 player/mixer is better that EZ-DJ :lol:

i'll say post this program (EZ-Dj) i dunno what is it

but i have really good program ;)

just send EZ-Dj 8)

iam waiting 4 ur replay....
Atom Mix Mp3 is a pretty good program. It has most of the capabilites of turntables, such as mixing two songs using pitch bending. You can get a free trial version of it.
can someone help me out n tell me what i should use for a program so someone can spit itno the mic and it records on instrumentals i have downloaded to my comp or made and i can listen to the finished product n if i dont like it delete it without deletein the instrumental itsself