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Numark Cue

Cue, DJ Software from Numark.

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JimboSpins 10/07/2012

Numark Cue : JimboSpins's user review

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Numark Cue is a neatly constructed software for all your DJ needs. It cost 260 dollars and can be used on Mac systems running at least 10.4 with 2GHz or higher. On Windows computers you can run on 7, Vista, or XP as long as you have 1GB of ram and 200MB of hard disk space. If you want to use Numark Cue to work on video then you need 2GB RAM instead of 1 and an upgraded video card for your PC. The Numark Cue is very sturdy on my system and reliable, you can use it to mix audio and video. You can play audio from CD, MP3, WAV’s, and DVD’s. If you want to play video you can play right from DVD or your standard computer formats like AVI and WMV. You can even use your plug ins with Numark Cue as a host for them. This software while detect your BPM for your and it will be very accurate, and you can put your stuff straight to the internet from the Cue.


While using the Numark Cue one thing that stood out to me is how easy it was to sync songs together, and have beat matched tempo loops quickly. You can also manage all of your music very easily in this program too. Numark Cue has everything you need to entertain and wow your spectators. I have not used the manual for the Numark Cue, but I do know it came with one. Setting the Numark Cue up was easy and quick.


The software works great, and I have never had an issue with it, even using plug ins with it has not caused it to crash or freeze.
It is very stable.


The price and quality of program you get with Numark Cue makes the purchase worth it. If you are in need a full system to edit video and audio and create mixes this is for you. If you are not into the video side of things then you might want to look elsewhere because a big part of this software belongs to video. I am happy with my choice to use Numark Cue while I had it, it worked great and was reliable for entertaining.