Visiosonic PCDJ Red
Visiosonic PCDJ Red

PCDJ Red, DJ Software from Visiosonic.

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Gpforce 07/31/2005

Visiosonic PCDJ Red : Gpforce's user review


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I received this software dmo, I tried it and I found it easy to use trs.

I served in the evening beginners to mix the time the crowd arrives
before attacking blow Technics ...

My config is a XP2000 + @ 2GHz with 512MB PC2700, an HD and 2 80 120 all
well fitted on an asus A7V8X-X and a sound card Terratec phase 88.
Before he turned over a Celeron 633MHz with 192MB of SDRAM: no problem with this stuff already.

Two outputs to drive left, two to the right of a portal, in the same
Manir a classic double CD.


Installation without any problem

No incompatibility DCEL home for 3 years.

The config is simple, no option pervert ...

The manual?? Not remember having read ...


The config I already rpondu above ...

Everything is nickel


Config 100% stable, and also on my old config less powerful ...



Approximately 3 years

Easy to use, each function's keyboard shortcut logical place ...
Perhaps the loop that are not necessarily visible, but the keyboard can
have them in real time and seamless with the possibility of playing in reverse
The function of break and slow boot like vinyl are intrrssante ...

The highlight is that you must prciser possder two identical sound cards or output
many, if not your bpm will not be the same for a same tempo because of the buffer DIFFERENT
the stuff ... but otherwise you will snap bpm correctly.

At the time I have tried other software that was beginning to hit the market but they have the
not caught my attention.
Quality price ratio? It does not look too expensive in view of the bug-free functions with respect to hardware ...
Basically, the economic double CD, but works.

This is a good choice, I live dj mix with this soft but personal, nothing beats the old school with
max 45tr good ... But otherwise it's a great complment for those who do not have cd ...