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Thread Digital Mixer?

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1 Digital Mixer?
I have a home studio and have some questions. I am using an alesis firewire interface and cubase 4. First, I wanted to know what anyone would suggest as far as getting more microphone inputs. There are 8 on the alesis interface but i would like to have about 12-16 for full band recording pursposes; scratch tracks, ect. Anyway, what would be a cheap and easy way or a good product to build upon what i have already to have more mic inputs. Also, I was wondering if there was anyway to get a mixer to work in a digital studio. When you picture an analog studio you see a huge mixing board. Which is actually quite coneniant to be able to eq, and mix with something right in front of you. With cubase i have to do everything on the computer. I wanted to know if there was any interface or mixer than worked with cubase, or any digital recording software for that matter. THank you for your time.
Which alesis interface are you using? the multimix?

this is the interface i am using.

I need to get more microphone, and 1/4" inputs as well as more headphone outputs...

I seen someone had a similar set up with rackmounts that did this but i am not sure exactly what rackmounts they used, but I need to know exactly what i need to get in order to run a succesful home studio.

anyone that can help it would be great