Mapex Charley Jn-sm7500 (double)
Mapex Charley Jn-sm7500 (double)

Charley Jn-sm7500 (double), Double Bass Drum Pedal from Mapex.

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bloodsugar 10/10/2005

Mapex Charley Jn-sm7500 (double) : bloodsugar's user review


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Concept quite unique foot charley + double bass drum pedal all-in-one

You can go to the manufacturer site for details, but basically, the left pedal (charley) is mounted on a pivot. Thanks to an ingenious system of guide and cam allows this pedal by turning lattérale switch from "Charley" to "double bass drum pedal"
It's pretty well designed, all clearly in the boxing premium hardware category.

The unit is tough, no doubt. Parts are properly sized. The stem of the right pedal is strengthened, many settings are available. Small details are significant as thick soles cahoutchouc under the pedals, the peaks on both pedals available. The tightening of the right pedal center. In short, the details found on any good pedal.

The hi-hat pedal is well designed. The stem is enormous, the systems of guide cams and seem solid (see note below, however) The classical setting of the hardness of the spring is present. Nothing to say.
A nice little detail: the tilt of charley is very well screwed (cahoutchouc three points below and half-spheres cahoutchouc for top cymbal) nickel which

The system can be confusing at first. The move from the hi-hat pedal is a dual mode technique in itself. It does not come in 2 minutes.
What bothered me the most, having to have his foot flat on the left pedal to switch from one mode to another. I think this technique will not cause any trouble to anyone who will bother to spend time on the machine.

Otherwise, a detail annoying for me, the drive system of the kick pedal on the left is direct. So different from the system of the right pedal (2 different cams provided + chain or belt) In the end, the feeling will always be different between the bass drum pedal on the left and right.
Advantages of the system
- Save space on the ground because the left pedal is unique to dual use charley / left pedal
- Economy of buying a pedal (the system costs about the cost of a hi-hat pedal + a single bass drum pedal)
- The set is complete: 2 cams provided for the right pedal (plus a choice of chain or belt), peak right pedal available, an interchangeable sole on both pedal (flat or raised), an adapter arm transmission to adapt the hihat pedal to another double bass drum pedal, a lubricant, and a demo DVD / commissioning.

- Gain up to the limit. In fact, I personally find that the transmission arm is a little short, results, placement is limited. Annoying for me who loves the eccentric charley (it can be impeccable for Autes)
- I found a game a little annoying on the axis of the right pedal. I think qui'il is a slight loss of striking power because of this game
- I was also hampered by the structure-borne noise charley mode when playing double pedal (I'm being picky on this point)
- Looking more closely at the complex system of the left pedal, I noticed that two of the main room (the slides for training cams) are plastic alloy. If such a piece breaks, no repairs possible (or difficult) But at the same time, nobody seems to complain about the reliability of the system.

the system is screwed up, an interresting alternative (especially given the price) to acquire or upgrade that is at once a whole foot of charley / pedal (s) kick drum.

However, I tested fairly intenssive this set for 2 weeks, and the number of troublesome little details for my taste that I have returned the product. It's a personal choice that does not mean that the product is bad. But not completely satisfied, I preferred not to risk regret my purchase in a few months of use ...

- Edit -
I have since received the replacement, ie H-1000 Pearl Pearl P2000C and finish the double pedal, but I have a hi-hat and bass drum pedal which fulfill each role perfectly. I do not regret having to replace the Janus.

However, since the return of the product, this set Janus has grown to 245 euros in thoto (against 315 before) So despite the small flaws which can accommodate a coherent and interresting especially at this price (245 euros )
- Edit -