Epiphone FT-150 Bard
Epiphone FT-150 Bard

FT-150 Bard, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the FT series.

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stefdu24 11/23/2010

Epiphone FT-150 Bard : stefdu24's user review

«  Excellent level Gibson or Martin »

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the origin is not specified, but Epiphone manufactured in Japan in these years (late 70 '). Dreadnough is a standard sized, mahogany body and table ... I know too, may be spruce.
what is surprising is the plate behind the body just at the junction sleeve / case, like on a electric bolt-on neck.
I was just loaned this guitar, which must be about 40 years now, and it seems to me to question top Lutters, wood appears to have aged well, despite an excellent meeting ... random.
is like a beautiful old furniture being handled delicately.
although the metal is a little piqued, the mechanics work fine, no points or play hard, surprising!


The neck is very thin, very straight, it's almost like a power hose, although it is still quite wide.
there is a zero fret, and suddenly a very low action.
it is very enjoyable to play, the left hand does not suffer even the 12-th fret.


It's good that it gets interesting.
a friend lent me it for repair (this friend is a drummer, and had made some attempts guitar at one time ...).
after cleaning, string change, rising bridge, complete surprise: a sound "full", oaky, full of harmonics (so much so that looks like a 12 string sometimes), well balanced without any registry Ne Resort too. chordal open or imitation picking (I'm not a pro at this technique).
everything comes out well this guitar, provided not too much pressure either because it tends to frisouiller a bit, requires zero fret.
I found the sounds of an old Gibson that I heard, can be Sir Epiphone he used the same stock of wood in those days ...


I tried many acoustic guitars, Martin, Gibson, Taylor, I had some good surprises, including a Taylor 214, which I almost bought, and this old Gibson in the same format a price unaffordable ...
I own a Martin 00-15 Mahogany suits me in some situations, precisely those which it is planned (blues picking).
in fact, it's not my main instrument and, although charmed, I never really flashed on a guitar.
this guitar completely fooled me, suddenly I (re-) starts to play acoustic for the simple pleasure of hearing the sounds coming out.
my friend does not want me to sell it and he's right.