Epiphone PR-200
Epiphone PR-200

PR-200, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the PR series.

stompboxjon 06/12/2012

Epiphone PR-200 : stompboxjon's user review

« very cheap »

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I remember purchasing the PR 200 back in 99 I think could have been 98. I got it used and only had to pay around 100 dollars for it which was a steal at the time. I have even seen people selling these online and at pawn shops and second hand stores for under 75 dollars. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want an acoustic with a good tone and made out of quality wood with a great feel to it this will be the one you will need to get. How many guitars can you get that are that cheap and still in great condition after being passed around from player to player? So if you come across one of these, if its in good condition buy it! Even if you arent looking to buy a new guitar I would still get it incase someone else in your family may want it. Don’t let it slip through your fingers at that price. It sounds WAY better than a 75 dollar guitar.


After messing with the action during set up it felt great. After years have went on I have replaced several parts on it from time to time like the nut and bridge with bone.


The tone is great for the price, I have a lot more guitars that can get a better tone and that you can get those top frets with better but for some reason sometimes I don’t use them and just use this because I feel like the PR 200 is more of my travel guitar. I am not really worried if it gets broken or stolen and I take it a lot of places with me.


Overall, like I said if you can find one of these get it. You wont regret buying a 75 to 100 second hand guitar that will sound like it cost a lot more.