Epiphone PR-200
Epiphone PR-200

PR-200, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the PR series.

Scribbler12000 04/23/2009

Epiphone PR-200 : Scribbler12000's user review


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Slim neck. Jumbo-style frets, too big, but at the time I didn't know any other models. With smaller frets this guitar would've been amazing!
THE problem of this guitar has always been the neck: It bends a bit at least twice a year, with every season change and, as time goes by, it deforms due to the tightening of the screws inside.


The delicate neck allows small hands to play comfortably, unlike modern guitars conceived for lumberjacks. It's a pity that the very thick frets hurt your fingers more than usual. No cutaway, so it's not easy to reach the upper frets, but if you take up a dreadnought it's not to play the upper frets.
Good ergonomic design.
The sound is really nice, superb I'd say, because it has a massive top. I remember that, back then, the shop assistant told me the wood was of good quality, unlike that of its smaller and less expensive sibling.


I play mainly folk and other acoustic styles. The guitar does a fine job at it. Not too dry, not too fat, I have never heard such a great sound from any modern guitar at the same price point.


It's my first folk guitar, the first guitar I had was a classical guitar. I bought it in 1998, I still have the proof of purchase, for sentimental reasons. I love its value fro money because it sounds (sounded) really good. I don't know if I tried out any other models. There weren't many options at this price point, it was a small shop. I don't regret my choice at all, on the contrary, I think it's a pity there are so little acoustic Epiphones nowadays. I must unfortunately say that, in time, this guitar has become unplayable. The neck is bent due to the deformation suffered over time. That's definitely THE main drawback of this guitar. The bridge also cracked, even though it was always protected with cardboard or in the case. Nevertheless, for the price, I think it aged well all the same...