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Epiphone Dreadnought Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Epiphone Hummingbird

    Epiphone Hummingbird - vivi2's review


    Qualifications & Sound -Aesthetics Comfort- Finishing Defects I have yet to find fault ... I bought this guitar used, it is a Korean model manufactured by Samick in 1995 (an excellent year of production ...) licensed Gibson. Although s…

  • Epiphone FT-150 Bard

    Epiphone FT-150 Bard - vinvindub's review


    Guitar 70s, and yes it is getting up made in Japan UTILIZATION Handle excellent to play on a rgal the sound is good, despite its age SOUNDS The guitar, mine allgrement displaying its 35 rods, the body has suffered a bit and a little groom…

  • Epiphone AJ-10

    Epiphone AJ-10 - spik32's review


    No idea of ​​the country of manufacture, handle 20 boxes, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck and body, table pica. : Mechanical bath oils. Very good quality workmanship all solid and well finished. UTILIZATION The handle is neither comfortable n…

  • Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello

    Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello - patrick83's review


    To respond didtrav34, I did not this guitar in hand, but I will have it Wednesday, I got it 287, and I'll go look for Marseille, and after having played we'll know more, but having had a piphone kid, a low-end, I have no regrets. I responds to the…

  • Epiphone Elitist 1965 Texan

    Epiphone Elitist 1965 Texan - fabfan's review


    Manufactured by Japanese makers epiphone factory (in Japan I think). Epiphone Elitist series of matches the high-end brand with quality instruments pro. Perfect round with maximum playing comfort, adjustable bridge, Grover, and here in the woods: Top…

  • Epiphone FT-145 Texan

    Epiphone FT-145 Texan - jopopo06150's review


    Guitar factory in Japan in the 70's, acoustic form dreadnough at Bolt. plastic bridge saddle height adjustable on the bridge of origin, Nut head bone. body and handle in a mahogany suspect, probably a bad quality mahogany can be stained lgerremen…

  • Epiphone AJ-10

    Epiphone AJ-10 - b2croix's review


    Trs beautiful guitar bought 130 euros 2 years ago. Mcanique beautiful finish and is robust. Trs good grip at the handle. Although balance. Sound: it is rich and powerful for this range of guitar. It does dsacorde almost never (except when tempr…

  • Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello

    Epiphone FT-200 The Monticello - didtrav34's review


    Prfre my guitar, bought in the years 1977 or 1978 Made in Japan in those years lbr /> The top of the handle is finely carved with a beautiful eagle trs The classic decorating the black plate Everything is on the nickel scratch! UTILIZATION …

  • Epiphone FT-140

    Epiphone FT-140 - n1colas's review


    Epiphone Guitar factory in Japan in the 70 Corp. standard dreadnought shape (style martin or gibson) mahogany and spruce trs handle especially for an acoustic guitar because it looks more like a handle and is electric viss.le handle has a 20 fret…

  • Epiphone Dove

    Epiphone Dove - earquake's review


    Made in China. I also possde Hummingbird, I thought the Difference n'taient qu'esthtique, and far from it ... Why I chose? Because I do not like guitars that have single points on the handle of the price Exceeds 200. Even when it is not a big eff…