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Falcon FG100 : Anonymous 's user review

« It's a perfectly reasonable starter guitar »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Beginners
I got this as part of a job lot in an auction, along with a pre civil war Spanish made Ukulele that was my main reason for bidding. What it is, is a JHS (John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd.), Falcon redburst dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Having got it I cleaned it up, (it was very dirty when I got it, but it did clean up nicely), put some new strings on, and considered what I was going to with it. In the end I decided I would give it to my grand-nephew who is learning to play the guitar and doesn't have an acoustic.

And for anyone who wants any kind of review, this is a perfectly reasonable, solidly made student level acoustic folk Guitar. If it wasn't I wouldn't give it to my nephew. MY one reservation about giving it to him, and something to bear in mind if planning to purchase, was its a fairly large Dreadnought and might be a bit big for him, (though looking at his older brother I have no doubt he will grow into it). The redburst finish is well done and does add to it's looks (linden wood is not very decorative on its own). Given that it had a few, not very well loved, years on it when I got it, and how well it has survived them, I have no doubt that this will last and be passed on from one aspiring young relative to another to learn on for years to come.

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