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webz 04/30/2006

Falcon FG100 : webz's user review


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- Table Basswood
- Channel 20 keys Saddle
- Fretboard rosewood
That's all I know for now. I do not know the wood used for the body, but nothing solid in any case. The set is fairly low quality.


First, the key is to rev poor quality. Needless to say it is better to have the nails cut short because the rosewood used is too mallable to the touch.
CHAC is difficult to treble from quinzime / seizime box, but since there is no pan will blow you away ^ ^
The ergonomics of the guitar is plutt good, even if the handle is too pais! The fund does not, however Submitted characteristics and its weight is correct.
The ease of playing many of dpend rglages the handle and the bridge, but by default it is not really optimized. Indeed, the action is too high and even aprsrglage it is not the panacea.


The sound is INTERESTED in serious (plutt round) but mdiums pchent and treble a bit ...
It lends itself well plutt reggae riffs and country.
In fact to enjoy the sound of this guitar, you must commit an act hrtique: climbing ropes nylons!
I hear some dj cry foul and other snickering derrire their guts, but not me ;-)
There are also ropes "Folk / Nylon" from D'addario available at this address: .
But you can still rgler action low enough and give it a shot with light strings or extra-light, but "violin" (if you can say what the price is not good enough to support your fingers all this time.
on the other hand, and I say magic, the strings made up of folk / nylon provides playing comfort and enjoyable sound. As the handle is more lgrement pais a traditional folk, this arrangement provides a small string hidden "classical" guitar is not for me dplaire. Only BMOL, it will often trs rgler the handle using the trussrod. This is the sine qua non for the correctness of the handle takes the blow ^ _ ^
I note therefore svrement sounds because I am using the default rglages are ... atrocious.


In rsum friendly even if the price of this guitar can allcher (less than 100 euros), you will certainly find better for a few dollars supplmentaires.
In addition, it is okay only if you tinker a bit ...
In other words, it is not suitable for novices who want to Get You Started guitar without putting your hands dirty, much less to players like me who intermdiaires prfrent best small scratch but not too Chres functional. Needless to say, insiders or those who want a long-term scratching can spend their way _0

It is all the same rvle trs useful for Barbec accessories' range and the fire ;-)