Fender CD-60 [2006-2010]
Fender CD-60 [2006-2010]

CD-60 [2006-2010], Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Fender in the Classic Design series.

BiGaTuX 03/22/2009

Fender CD-60 [2006-2010] : BiGaTuX's user review


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Tyle of the box: Fender Style Dreadnought
Top: Spruce
Dam allgbr X /> Back and wicker covers: Mahogany
Neck: Nato
Key: Sonokeling
Frets: 20
Bridge: Sonokeling renforcbr with nut /> Mcaniques chrome oil bath
Scale length: 642.6 mm
Body Depth: 100 mm-125 mm
Nut width of head: 43 mm
Strings: Fender 60L Phosphor Bronze (drawing: .012 -. 053)
I found this CHARACTERISTICS an online seller, but it may be diffrent mine because it does not have this bridge you see in the picture and the new acastillage the current version: it have changed a few can be dtails)


The handle is enjoyable plutt (C-section I think)
The guitar did not pan once so good at CHAC is not really sharp and ais a fact I do not care (14 box are really accessible)
Trs good for mcanique: it is great, especially prcise it allows the guitar not to dsaccorder! It's impressive, I do that all the hooks and a half months! It is really nice: we are going no time has it great!
Otherwise a comfort level is a dreadnought: So no worries particularly comfortable (it may be a bit cumbersome when playing standing)

As against it is not easy to play: a probably comes from the thick ropes of roots (I have not changed yet!) Has been over a year I do the guitar (without teacher certe) but I still can not put a barr on it when I get there not too bad on my electric ... I think I will soon change the strings I rditerais me then. ..

Edit: It's been a good year and I have in the meantime I offered him a small bin and ca ... rglage him rudely well!
this guitar is poorly trs rgl of origin, especially as the nut is original rev up, which the bar at the top of the handle (a good old what ^ ^ F) ais not.
Once it's a real rgler rgal! Very easy to play. In my opinion it is a good choice for a guitar Premire acoustiqe for those who started on the electrical.


For the price this guitar even when a more than adequate! I did not know too much (this is my first acoustic) but in any case it should pop rock style (ballad like wonderwall, a super password above)
A good place also to sustain. No need to scratch it like a nag to hear it! (By drilling a little it happen almost cover my electric ^ ^)
It can not be blamed to a lack of lightweight low when due to the rhythmic mdiator playing ... Personally I find the finger even if you lose sustain (normal) is rquilibre the sound ... (I may be wrong)

edit: I changed the strings ... it makes a world of good too! (Of phosphorus bronze addario) the sound is banging I find <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="" />


I use it recently prs 9 months.
What I like about them is the mcaniques and its presence is natural that no need to scratch like crazy to hear it. The sounds are also good for the price!
When I bought I had to try a Yamaha F-310. Can be even more expensive with better sound I have not taken ... because she sold t when I came back xD ... I know if I would have made price because it silent mainly of wood reconstitus (nato etc ...) for the same table.
I advise anyone who wants a first acoustic for cheap is a good choice, provided the rgler do now.
I would do if the choice I do not know ... I wanted to sound me my fast. T if I had more patience and richer I would pay Lg 100D, rput easy to play and prettier than the fender. Now this little fender I'm not complaining I love it when even!