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MGR/Anonymous 06/20/2001

Fender DG-14S : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I brought this guitar from the best music store in Newcastle, Australia - Musos Corner. I paid $400 AUD (although I think it had $499 on the sticker).I brought it as I wanted an Acoustic guitar so I could get that special acoustic sound from it, A sound that you can't quite get, even with an effects pedal on the electric. I have an Electric, but there is nothing like playing an acoustic. I think I like this guitar more then my electric!

It's a great sounding guitar. Very light construction and a great finish. Gives me a very crisp and nice clean sound. While Fender dont go all out providing an exciting finish on the guitar, they do go all out to make sure the construction is great, which of course provides for great sound. Plus of course you have a "Fender" sitting on the guitar stand!

Well, as it sits here right beside me on it's stand, I can see nothing that I dont like about it... Nothing. It plays really well, sounds great & looks good. I was supprised at the price - I played and seen many guitars which were a whole lot more expensive then this one, yet didn't really appeal to me and what I like in a guitar (Basicly a nice sound, with a good feel and easy to play).

It's a very light guitar, and I'm scared if I bump it I will break it... But I'd also be scared if i were driving an expensive car! Nothing to worry about though, I have bumped it a few times, and I can't see any dents or scratches on it. If you take care of your equipment you'll be fine.

If you're looking at a new acoustic guitar, this could be the one for you. When I were looking for an Acoustic, it had to be a solid top, very nice sounding, good strings, nice construction and reasonably priced. Well this guitar has all that. It's really worth playing this guitar to compare before you buy one. Even if your budget is a little higher then what this guitar is priced. You'll be supprised!

You can see more details on the specifications of the guitar, along with a picture of what it looks like at this web site address:


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