Martin & Co D-16GT
Martin & Co D-16GT

D-16GT, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 16 series.

MGR/TR 03/15/2004

Martin & Co D-16GT : MGR/TR's user review

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I bought the Martin D-16GT three years ago at Guitar Center after visiting different stores and playing a bunch of different makes/models. I paid $720 for it.

The guitar had great tone and action for it's price range. The construction seemed very solid although as a whole it's pretty delicate. I don't take it camping. It looks great, but I like conservative looks so it may not appeal to everyone. I admit I had been pining for a Martin for many years so the name and reputation influenced my decision greatly, much to my chagrin later on.

Recently there's been some yellowing around the bridge and neck joint. I took it to a local guitar shop that has a great reputation for knowledge and experience. They told me the bracing under the top was coming loose and the yellowing was the bridge beginning to pull away. Same for the neck. I was mortified!! This is "legendary" quality??? The owner of the shop stated matter-of-factly that any Martin below a D18 is the old Sigma line and is basically a disposable guitar. Lifespan is about 6 years. Definitely not the heirloom guitar I thought I was buying, one that would improve with age.

In short, I feel betrayed by Guitar Center and C.F. Martin. They sell these under the "legendary" and "classic" labels yet knowing full well they won't last. I thought I'd done due diligence in researching prior to purchase but I guess not enough. I won't buy another Martin unless it's a much older model in great condition, which is unlikely given they are severl thousand dollars.

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