Martin & Co D-16RGT
Martin & Co D-16RGT

D-16RGT, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 16 series.

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yoTrakkz 11/01/2011

Martin & Co D-16RGT : yoTrakkz's user review

« i love martin guitars »

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I'm a big fan of Martin guitars, although I have only owned one. The Martin D-16GT is my choice for a mid-range priced Martin guitar. Mine actually came with the pickup installed, and that's what was one of the more important features to me. When I first bought this guitar, it had an amazing sound to it. It's not as light and twangy as a Taylor, and not too loud like a Larrivee. To me, the Martins are right in the middle with a smooth and rich sound. When you go for the lower end martins, you don't get that rich quality of a sound, so I went with this one. The Martins that go for higher, such as the D-28 is my dream guitar. Sometimes i wish that I saved up more for the D-28, but I am content with the D-16GT. This guitar isn't as good sounding when it comes to finger picking. I recommend this guitar to somebody such as me. Not enough money to spend 2 grand on a fancy Martin, but you still love the Martin sound over most acoustic companies.


you will love how easy it is to get that sound you are looking for.


love the tone and playability of this guitar! I chose it over a Gibson Song maker that was similarly priced and while I liked the Gibson playability, tone, and quality, it really was no match when compared with the Martin D16. Besides great tone and playability, I wanted a solid body guitar that was affordable.


I love martin. The feel, the booming bass and the playability. I'm glad i bought this guitar. It beats anything in the price range easily. The action is set very low so she plays fast. It blends well with other instruments and is great quality. Thanks Martin for another great guitar! Continue to bring these guitars out and you will always have customers. I recommend this guitar to any acoustic player or lover.