Martin & Co D-18

D-18, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Standard series.

johnrae 03/12/2013

Martin & Co D-18 : johnrae's user review

« Beautiful »

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The Martin D-18 is one of the most iconic guitars around. Renowned for it's simplicity and beautiful tone, it's a highly popular guitar for all sorts of musicians. It features a dreadnought design, made to project it's power and volume, an ebony fretboard, sitka spruce top and a mahogany back and side pieces. The combination of woods gives it the perfect balance between bright and dark, and that balance is truly beautiful. The D-18 can go from a quiet acoustic whisper to a booming powerful acoustic guitar. It's craftsmanship and build quality are impeccable, and this guitar deserves all the praise it gets.


The guitar is a great play, very comfortable to play and hold. It sits nicely in the lap, and feels amazing under your fingers. It holds tune very well, and always sounds nice. The range of sound you can squeeze from this instrument is phenomenal, and it could work perfectly as an intimate singer and guitar type, or lead a chorus of singers. The design is simple, nothing flashy, nothing extra. It's the basics done perfectly.


The guitar strikes a perfect and exact balance between dark and bright. It's sound is warm and relaxed, but never mushy or undefined. The porous mahogany back and sides give it the deep bass and messy warmth, while the sitka spruce top and cross bracing keep things together, snappy and defined. The guitar rings with a beautiful tone, and sounds amazing whether you play fingerstyle like Tommy Emanuel, or strumming the chords of a pop song, or quick flatpicking bluegrass. Every studio should have one of these, and so should every solo act acoustic musician. The D-18 has such a great and versatile sound and can be heard on hundreds of famous recordings.


Overall, this guitar was worth everything I paid for it and more. I've owned lots of acoustic guitars, and this is one I will never let go. Everything about this guitar rocks. It sounds great, feels great and looks great. It's a simple, elegant powerhouse, and a staple of the acoustic musician's diet.