Martin & Co D-28

D-28, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Standard series.

MGR/Guitarist Wannabee 09/04/2006

Martin & Co D-28 : MGR/Guitarist Wannabee's user review

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Hobby hacker since the 70's

Bought brand new it at Caruso's music in downtown Groton, CT in 1972 for $375 with a Guild hardshell case (I thought it was tougher than the Martin case and since I was a sailor at the time I knew it was going to take a beating).

When I first bought it, I was going almost strictly on the rave reviews of all the guys I knew that actually could play guitar (I was hoping that a new Martin D-28 would magically instill a little Stephen Stills into my anemic attempts at music - not in the cards, although my mis-fingered chords did ring through with a truth and clarity that only a Martin could provide).

The beautifull tone, clarity and easy playability were an inspiration that kept me striving to learn more and more about the craft and I think that is what I appreciate the most about this fine instrument.

After 34 years, it just keeps getting better and better - the longer it lives, the more tone knowledge it acquires.

I think the only thing I have ever disliked about this instrument is the responsibility it put squarely on my shoulders to preserve, use and appreciate it to the best of my inadequate ability.

I worry about it getting stolen or being damaged, it's been around so long it's like an old friend that I would miss dearly if they were no longer around.

The construction is absolutely flawless. I picked through about 15 other D-28's to get this particular one and believe me, this is a piece of art created by a master craftsman. I have never had a single thing go wrong since I have owned it and it has moved with me all over the USA and was with me aboard the USS Enterprise until 1975 during the Vietnam war.

It plays and sounds better now than it ever has.

Not the fanciest Martin, but it's the best one I own!

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