Seagull S6 Cedar
MGR/Nathan 03/15/2004

Seagull S6 Cedar : MGR/Nathan's user review

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I puchased this guitar from a local music shop after traveling far and wide for a good entry-level guitar. I paid $300 for the guitar & some entry stuff like a strap and a set of new strings.

Beautiful deep tones and a quiet, understated appearance. I love the no-gloss finish on the guitar- It gives it a subtle-yet-powerful type of feel. The action is easy and comfortable- a perfect guitar for unplugged worship or fireside picking. I played some 20 guitars at 6 different shops from $150-$600 and this one blew me away, even without the low price tag.

I also played the spruce version of this guitar, but I like the deep tone of the cedar better.

For that price?


Because there isn't any glossy protective laquer/finish on the top of this guitar, it picks up nicks and scratches easily. If you really care that much about the actual outer appearance of the guitar, that could be a downside- but it hasn't affected the sound at all. It has gone everywhere I have in the last 7 months and taken its share of abuse... no change at all in the sound or any other construction element of the guitar itself.

Beauty! This guitar has to be one of the best out there for entry players, and I would challenge even a $1000 martin player to stand his guitar up to this one in terms of sound and durability. It's not flashy, but it really gets the job done.

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