Seagull S6 Original Slim
Seagull S6 Original Slim

S6 Original Slim, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Seagull in the Original series.

MGR/Bruce Ferguson 01/09/2009

Seagull S6 Original Slim : MGR/Bruce Ferguson's user review

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The S6 "Slim" is the slimmer neck version of the well known S6 Original dreadnaught. The nut width of the Slim is 1.72", while the width of the Original is 1.78". With the Slim model, there is a slight difference in the soundhole rosette, the top binding and it does not have a pick guard. Otherwise, the Slim is identical to the Original. I have since added a nice pickguard to it from Terrapin Guitars, a great source for acoustic pickguards.

The top is solid cedar, the back and sides are laminated wild cherry. The finish is a satin laquer which is very thin, so be careful. But, at least fingerprint smudges don't show. It has a nice, natural and understated look. The tuners are decent and hold tuning well.

I'm not a gigging musician, I just play for pleasure and with freinds, and have played almost forty years. I play British Invasion, folk, early blues and some Indie stuff.

I picked this up in the local GC for $399. Could have gotten a better deal on EBay, but then, after shipping and insurance, probably be about the same $$.

I have been interested in the S6 for a couple of years, since hearing a freinds. His is a lefty, so I could only bumble around with it, but I loved the tone and neck feel. After noodling around in the acoustic room at GC, I settled on the S6 Slim.

I like the tone, projection (yes, it can get loud...without being boomy), and sustain. Express yourself with your fingers and it answers. I was considering a Takimine EAN 30, a wonderful guitar, but I couldn't justify the extra expense. The Seagull's neck feel and sonic ability just covers all the bases for me.

I don't mind the headstock shape, though some people seem to have an issue with it. I think it's refresingly different. HOWEVER, I would prefer the headstock with it's natural wood showing, not the dark brown laminate they put on it. It's not butt-ugly, but it would sure enhance the natural wood tones found on the rest of the guitar. Just a minor peeve.

Taken as a whole, it is decent quality. The kerfing and braces I could see are as clean as others costing more. The outside fit quality is very good, no noticible gaps. No unpleasant woodgrain variations or touch-ups. The laquer is not impressive. No noticible bulge on the lower bout from bridge-pull. The fretboard has a small bevel on the sides and is comfortable. The fretwork is good; after filing the nut a bit I have a nice, low action without having to bother with a luthier. The bridge saddle and nut are a synthetic bone which is not bad. I have no plan to change it. The intonation is fine.

The S6 is not a stunner to look at, but it is a great, versitle, bang for the buck, guitar. It is simple and honest. It plays and sounds great.

I have seven guitars and two amps. If my house caught fire and I could only grab one of these, it would be the Seagull.

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