Alesis SR-16
Alesis SR-16
AlexandreC 01/27/2013

Alesis SR-16 : AlexandreC's user review

«  A machine that has proudly survived the walkman »

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2 Sockets pedals
DIN 2 midi in and out / thru
4 output channels, two mono jacks for the main output and a stereo jack for auxiliary output.
1 Headphone out
1 jack for tape backup (bha yes, we are in the 90s!)

The machine includes only sampled acoustic drum sounds. I would have liked one or two set out on a synthesizer at the time, but the sounds are really good quality.


It is easy to handle. I program as real: it works very well and is less laborious than step programming. The manual is very clear and the ergonomics of the machine seems quite logical

One caveat though: the screen is not backlit. On stage you will absolutely a lamp to shine if you do not see anything. If it is a problem for you there are a modernized version: SR18 but it is not the same price.

The pedals just seem essential for this type of device. There is a start / stop and another A / B / Fill that also "tap tempo" box when not playing.


Sounds are acoustic drum samples that are of excellent quality. I wish I had some synthetic sounds as I play electronic music, but at that price I'd rather have few but good and now I'm really not disappointed!

Velocity does not work at all in me, I see it with the service and I will publish the comment as soon as possible.


The BAR has become a classic that has transcended time and she deserves it. A simple, cheap and good quality.