Alesis SR-16
Alesis SR-16
Mr.Music 01/29/2003

Alesis SR-16 : Mr.Music's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
4 audio outputs (2 pairs Stereo)
2 MIDI In a 1Out/Thru
12 sensitive pads
16/18 bit converter
233 sounds
12 sounds accessible from pads directly
120 sounds accessible via MIDI
Polyphony 16 notes
programmable pan position
8 levels of VLOC by pads and 127 via MIDI
20-255 bpm tempo
12 000 Notes 400 Patterns (200 200 preset progr.) 100 songs
50 user kits, 50 preset kits
Change kits by MIDI program change
Sync MIDI Clock / Song Position Pointer
2 assignable footswitch start / stop, count / A / B / fill


The config gnrale edition and sounds we can no longer be simple APRS one reading the manual I knew how to use the bottom of all functions.
And having said that in passing the manual and trs simple.


Sounds and patterns are prprogramer excute by real drummers!
So they can not be that good ... questions and expressing the effects first time I listen I could not believe BMD.
MEET trs well pads to the Veloci so you can play in real time a "flat" as we play on a real snare drum.
Sounds to me it's the top.


I served for 4 years and no problem.
My particularity prfer panning and editing sounds
I bought it without having to try, I had heard that her BMD.
Report QualitPrix: Excellent
Only small BMOL the memory of all your Creations dpendent rglages and a battery ... also like to know if the screen is bright or not-rtro because I saw it on the net version rtro light ... Now if anyone knows how to make light rtro I'm interested.
Ps: For the problem of the "stack", I'm working on it and I could give a plan when I finished ... for the curious and wanting to see an SR-16 with rtro light I leave you the address o I saw: ALESR16 & z = 1602274717580