Alesis SR-16
Alesis SR-16
shanneton 10/12/2011

Alesis SR-16 : shanneton's user review

«  Classic but really ok »

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I take data from a different view:
Connection jacks in and out
4 audio outputs (2 stereo pairs)
2 MIDI In a 1Out/Thru
12 sensitive pads
16/18 bit converter
233 sounds
12 sounds accessible directly by pads, 120 sounds accessible via MIDI
16 notes polyphony, programmable pan position with 8 velocity layers per pad and 127 via MIDI
20-255 bpm tempo marks 12 000 400 patterns (200 preset 200 progress.) 100 songs
50 user kits, 50 preset kits

Change kits by MIDI program change / MIDI Clock Sync / Song Position Pointer
2 assignable footswitch start / stop, count / A / B / fill
No effect section
No possibility of using samples


Manual simple and clear
Ergonomics is not a problem


The sounds are really good, a little fancier than the previous generation.
They have a good dynamic.
It's really a reference. But not really sound original or surprising.


I bought it used about two years ago.
The value for money is really interesting opportunity.

Beware, there are well-known effects of aging on this product that must be taken into account if you buy used.
- Possibly to change the battery for memory
- Aging of the volume knob: it is possible to unjam easily with a bomb ad-hoc purchased electronics store
- My pads seem insensitive, the contact is also likely to dust.

I would do without this choice problem.