E-MU SP-12 Turbo
E-MU SP-12 Turbo

SP-12 Turbo, Drum Machine from E-MU.

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granpulpo 03/16/2005

E-MU SP-12 Turbo : granpulpo's user review


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Low, 5 seconds and a half sample (turbo version) ... you know why the buy!:!
... But from there, we do not need more ...
a big plus is the ROM + RAM: Ignition to your samples are already loaded, but you can remove the sampler and of others. (a big plus compared to a 1200 sp to use!)


As a sp 1200, so very basic and without chi-chis.
c is for the drums and see a small sample, but C is very effective!


The bottom of this machine is unexpected ... the drums even the most rotten and uninteresting start farting .. except for the hype, no reason to pay 2 times the price for SP1200 (depending on the version that may greatly disappoint you ...)
No hype with this machine, just an electronic circuit and legendary ...
the sequencer groove of death differs from a very mpc, but playing on the swing you will recognize the signature groove of many of hip-hop tracks ...


The original in original E-mu (1985) ... the same or better (rom) q SP1200, 1987 ...
The sp 12 turbo is a machine of connoisseurs.