E-MU SP-12 Turbo
E-MU SP-12 Turbo

SP-12 Turbo, Drum Machine from E-MU.

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ck 02/10/2006

E-MU SP-12 Turbo : ck's user review


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This is a "rhythm box / sampler" quite old (80) but remains REFERENCE particulirement in hip hop.
Because of its length the sounds are not ditables on a PC, but can possibly be on the Mac Classic (or some other old Mac) thanks to the Librarian software, which now seems to be pretty hard obtain.
It can contain up to 4x8 samples (32).
There is possibility to change the pitch of samples and the indoor volume of the machine.
Well Obviously, like any self-respecting rhythm box one can program the indoor of the "pattern" (here called "segments") and "songs.


The setup is simple enough, but does not contain step trs provided or explicitly, it takes a little bone up the manual to understand everything, even if it is fairly simple.
Well, we can also say that because of its age is not a box handy and intuitive rhythm trs, we must first get used to having RFLEX.
But the manual, though in English, by a t rdig a size and trs is enjoyable to read because it contains a lot of jokes rather hilarious.

To be clear, I do not have compltement "dbroussailler" this machine, including I have not tried to use midi.

At the level of saving, the also has not done without some difficulty.
There are two solutions to store, either using an old floppy diskettes old (5 "25) Commodore 1541 or 1541-II (the latter both faster than the first), or use an old Mac Classic (which I did not test Russia).
I myself have a Commodore 1541-II, and j'tais tonn APRS have purchased and the old floppy disks (standards and platforms) that go with it, to see what silent single point backup.

Basically any use of this machine is quite heavy compared to many sr hardware emerging on the market but at least everything is working as a tank assault.


The two attributes that have certainly built the myth of this machine are certainly sound (12 bit = Lo Fi) a little dirty, and the groove of the sequencer is hidden there.
It's just standard.
So of sr is a style, but since I fiddling, I start hearing numbers in major productions amricaines. In several of my discs discothque, there are often two or three titles that use the SP12 (or SP1200).

Although the SP12 Turbo sampler that can more than SP12 (single) maximum sampling time is rather limited (like the old Akai S950, but even more limited. I do not remember REPRESENTATIVES over what has in seconds, but numbers of sites are devoted this machine and you will easily find by searching a bit on the net many prcieuses information about it.

It is also the fact that on some "User" (c - d say sliced ​​samples) are superb cut-type filters that round up including bass drums and give them a deep grave, trs appr it.

It also has a mono output MIX spares and 8 outputs (assignable to 8 User your choice).

For example, it is often recognizable in the beats of DJ Premier.

On the other hand, I hear the bass samples with this machine are often standard, and there's a little trick that I did not test either, it's a sampler instrument Has pitch and then dpitcher in MS for 12 returns to its initial score, which gives it even more "dirty" grain, which can blow the same SAVE the place on the total time of sampling it can accept.


Finally, to be really honnte from the 21 century we live in, I put a note of some 10 infrieure for its use and its CHARACTERISTICS, because it is less easy to handle a box sr good pace today, but it's such an instrument has a sound standard, I could not afford to tarnish, even a minimal image of this myth.

So of sr as they are old machines, we must be careful to buy from falling on a MODEL that has not aged well and its too t MALTRAS Previous landlord.
Sometimes there is some problem in blowing some of them, but I do not dsespre rgler has on mine because I happened to read on a site that can remdier there.

For the quality-price ratio, I pay about $ 500 of mine and I think for that price, the report is excellent, especially as it is in perfect state.

I'm a fan of the old machines Lo-Fi, and 2 possde Akai S950 (which also work in 12 bit).

It is true that today there are many apps that replicate many of the old sounds and old machines, but when you want a real seriousness, (in addition to your ear and your ability to manipulate instruments) there is no rel worth, that we can touch the finger, and I am sure you test for the studio that made the diffrence the end.
A machine as the SP12 guarantees a powerful and rel grain can make the difference on a production.