Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII
Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII

Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII, Drum Machine from Elektron in the Machinedrum series.

Lightfields 04/06/2013

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII : Lightfields's user review


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I did that for a few days, so I will give a first review hot quickly.

I was tired of his typed the Electribe (ESX) and who are looking for something more serious in terms of dynamics and synthesis, I went to the Machinedrum UW.

I have not used the machine to speak correctly but is my first review: skeptical.

The rhythm is broken by the arrival station, an encoder has taken a hit. And frankly, it is hardly surprising: compared to the Korg, the Elektron gear is "fragile" - and apparently, it is ... Be afraid, from the first contact, to take a machine on stage (within the racker / flyer carefully) is a little confusing for a machine oriented live. Note that I am away from playing in extreme conditions.
I have not had this fear for a moment with Electribe.

Is the "grip". She is described as a machine intuitive and fun, on this point I'm pretty disappointed. Electribe is an extremely convenient to take in hand, an MD, no. For the same functions, we will seek a MD, not with Electribe. CERTAINLY the two machines are not comparable in terms of sonic possibilities. But if we compare just the screen of the machine (the readability of the logic of the instrument, for example), it is in my opinion really worse ... I think it's still a bit tragic to take for high and to eat a huge slap on some aspects - suffer from a comparison with entry-level ...

Why need to press the function key to enter the tempo?!

WHY serigraphy with names of instruments (BD, SD ...) while the synthesis engine to load that you want on each track? Why this confusion-galley for something as mundane as the selection of instrumentals while since the birth of the drum was invented more practical than a wheel or a secondary function?! This sense of decline compared to other interfaces is hard enough to welcome, the price of the machine.

WHY a distortion in the "synthesis", and bitcrusher in the "effects"?

WHY encoders are so tightened - to foster screen "deco"?!

For now I have this feeling of "User must comply with the logic of the instrument" and not vice versa. And for me, I HATE that feeling when this constraint is not at the service of creativity. Well, this is my opinion, right.

Miss a dream instrument for such details (fragility, intuitive, screen), this price is still super frustrating.

So I'm going to use in the studio at first, and if it does not keep its other promises (sound design, opening to control external equipment, modular etc ...), and probably sell it back in the box.

Everything is really not to throw this machine, we would have known about AF ... Simply, the competition offers a computer these days, finding a rhythm complicated to play / to program, it encourages them to think about the relevance of the investment - you buy hardware (among others) to have an instrument under the fingers, is not it?