Korg S-3
Korg S-3

S-3, Drum Machine from Korg.

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SampleScience 05/14/2012

Korg S-3 : SampleScience's user review

«  A good machine »

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I have the Korg S3 with expansion cards that I found cheap at a store in liquidation of musical instruments. There are over a hundred sounds in total, the percussions are varied and have the merit of sounded differently from other machines on the market. The styles of drum kits are old, so they represent what was fashionable in the early '90s (Rock, Rap, Jazz, etc. ...). Still, the sounds are generic enough to be easily incorporated into almost any style of music. The sounds are editable, the sequencer is so impractical that I use FL Studio to program my patterns, it is much more simple and intuitive way.


The use could not be more complicated, frankly, the easiest thing to use as a sound module. Only the choice of drum kits and effects editing is really simple, the rest is very complicated, so you have to have a lot of time ahead to control the machine. The instruction manual is labyrinthine!


The expression is very good, the pads supports differential velocities. The sounds are very well made, the only problem are the output jacks of lesser quality. For example, the hi hats are of impressive quality (even by today's standards), but adds an output noise that spoils, that's a shame. The acoustic sounds are very realistic in my opinion and can be used in a professional context.


I use the Korg S3 for about 6 years so casual. This is a good machine with sounds rarely heard and very good quality. The only problem is the output jacks and the background noise a bit too far. The Korg S3 also has a range of internal effect of an astonishing variety and the quality is quite excellent. Too bad there is no come to enjoy it otherwise than with the sounds of the machine itself. Of note: the Korg S3 synthesis and functions of sound forms the basis with which it is possible to create a range of impressive little one becomes familiar with the interface awkward. This is more than a drum machine, it is also a ROMpler and a synthesizer workstation that can serve as very useful, especially when using an external sequencer (a DAW like Ableton Live or FL Studio for example) .