Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Beats

Volca Beats, Drum Machine from Korg in the Volca series.

Brandski 08/21/2014

Korg Volca Beats : Brandski's user review

«  BAR friendly, mixed results »

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1 audio output, 1 MIDI input.
No effect if not stutter that may have applied to the parties.


Very easy to use but suddenly we quickly made the rounds.


Sounds ideal for techno.
The tempo in transmis tendency to décaller slightly. it is better to assign a tempo via MIDI IN.
Some parameters are controllable via MIDI but would have had to push even the MIDI implementation work.


The bass drum and toms are just génialaux. I took it just for that.
As against the snare / clap are dirt zero.

I wanted a small analog BAR to test mods on the circuit. And that's what needs to be done on it to use 100/100 and given him more punch (snare), as well as separate outputs.