Roland R-8
Roland R-8

R-8, Drum Machine from Roland in the R series.

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Nichlaws 05/04/2004

Roland R-8 : Nichlaws's user review


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Everything in that old BAR of what to do with the current Phra groovebox.
- Standard MIDI connections and allows exchange of sysex dumps.
- 8 outputs spares can restate all instruments, spare.
For me, the 8 outputs of my R8 8 inputs are connected to my table mix (one day Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12 / 2) which I used exclusively bought a Behringer DSP rcement . Before this acquisition I thought I dbarasser my R8, but since, thanks to the DSP, the R8 is more like a good groovebox, and allows me to get a much more pchu!

For indeed the R8 does not have an effect section, but this is not a brobleme when using a external dsp, or if you retire the signal recorded through a sequencer audionumrique.

The R8 Has a sequencer Real Time, No or Not powerful offering the possibility of recording 100 patterns and 10 songs. 10 Songs Only! Cel may seem little, but it is possible to arrange the order of'm even patterns, but traditional methods rather dynamic interressent strong argument if it intends to use the BAR, live.
In my case, I have my bf pilot intgralement EX5R, thanks the R8, a real rgal!


Gnrale the config is pretty simple. Pads and pots on the BAR, dj allow access to sound, recording and playback of patterns or songs. The edition of the sounds is of utmost precision and comprehensive, for a BCAN this era. Almost all parameters are ditables of her making the editing patterns raliste as possible.

As for the manual ... can not say ... not put your nose in it, all fawn is useless, except to know the operation of initializing the BAR.


To complete what I say dej above, the sounds are rather simple and usable alone.
But it is possible with a little patience, to extract sounds interressants BAR:
- Pseudo-strat guitar
- Heartbeat
- Close to Boing dcolage! (Yes .....!)
- Storm, rain, wind, waves
- Percussion Classic, Oriental.
- Claves Mlodiques
- Pizzicati

Personal Note:
the R8 has all the sounds found in the best pieces of Phil Collins (Genesis Epoque).


For almost 10 years I use this BCAN, after having her little sister also used the R5, and frankly I have no BAR represents more satisfactory than it long ago.
I especially like this machine to its ability to CONTRL.

The ratio quality price, used is reasonable. By the way, 300 euros seems to still be a maximum price, in the Whereas the era when it came out, and the profusion of groove box on the market today.

This BCAN is robust, friendly, good finish (very simple my taste), intuitive, and fits perfectly in a home studio in sphere of pro numriques hardware. Basically it is not in the Czech decor, on the contrary!

Without question, if I buy that BCAN c'tais again.