Roland R-8
Roland R-8

R-8, Drum Machine from Roland in the R series.

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Lsan 02/04/2004

Roland R-8 : Lsan's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Aspect gnral:
Large ergonomic bar (40 * 30 cm and a weight of 3 kgs) for the use of all buttons, felt the strong current has changed things in small fluorescent plastoc (I do not quote marks .. .)

- Hand Out Stereo + 8 outputs on Jack indpendantes 6.35
- Midi In / Out / Thru
- Headphone
- Tape Sync Rca
- Foot switch between trig +
- Two expansion slots for additional cards (one card of sounds, a card backup)

- 68 basic sounds in 16bits/44khz samples, with 32-voice polyphony
- Extension of the bank card homeowners thmatiques of 26 sounds (10 cards available)
- Edition of sounds: pitch, tone VLOC, decay

No effect

16 assignable pads, programming pattern (100 max) and songs by chaining (10 max)

Implmentantion complte twelve o'clock (sync, control change, sysex dump etc ...)

- The 16 sensitive pads vlocitbr /> - volume slider and slider to change paramtre
- 39 buttons to manipulate the BCAN


- Config gnrale very simple and intuitive ...
- Editing sounds simple, squenceur practice mode pattern as that song mode, all as rich (for example, grows according to humanize patterns, working in VLOC note note , change the tempo ...)
- The manual is clear enough, but to deepen ncessaire cete machine, but is learning fast.


- The audio connection is of good quality warm, lightweight despite blowing out his hand (which disappears with the output spares) ...
- The basic sounds are average, but some are exploitable. (I got at least a me sometimes to think of bad years 80-90 bars trying with more or less successfully re-create the sounds of acoustic ...)... pleased brief t used in the context of electro music and others ...
- Additional sound cards give lots of opportunities for cons: I for my part electro and dance cards, samples of TR808/909 and CR78, the dynamics are good trs, heat is Submitted: we are dealing a hard machine, not something numrique ...
- No effects but spares 8 outputs allow you to send rhythms to a mix table, much more sensible solution than implementing a multieeffets mdiocre, as is done today has history of the package to ct CHARACTERISTICS.
- The expression of the trs BCAN is good, thanks its sensitive pads VLOC the office of humanization and paramtres adjustable to note note .. .

My rating down because the basic sounds are average, we must jog APRS maps for more wealth ...
Note that you can not put an expansion card in both the BCAN. So if you want a kit consist of sounds from multiple cards, it must go through the additional optional memory card ...


Well, have APRS test the TR707, the programming software (prciser finally we can say that I do not like the virtual), the QY70, I must admit that in terms of ergonomics the R8 is much more flexible and enjoyable. The sounds are then usable without problem, with good richness thanks its expansion cards. Finally CONTRL for an external device, everything is Submitted ct noon to do it well (very good squenceur rhythm in short) ...

Given the price in time, it is a good value quality trs prices for those who want so squence rhythms other than with a soft ... (200 euros on average depending on options).
If the purpose is mainly for you to have a good library of sounds, look on the R8 Mk2 plutt which contains the almost complete sound cards + a standard memory capacity twice important ...