Roland TR-505
Roland TR-505

TR-505, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

aphexhead 03/03/2009

Roland TR-505 : aphexhead's user review


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Output: MIDI in / out, audio left / right stereo headphone output +.
16 sounds, a bass drum cymbal pattern of 64 editable.
there is no effect unless the accent.
The sequencer roland is EXCELLENT and no need of memory storage.


Configuration and editing is very simple, 90 years! Manual not essential but can be useful in the composition or aprofondir adjustable Midi pad etc ...!


Sounds, 90 digital debut not valid (20). It's a Roland TR so I can not talk about his realistic! But Isaiah with multi-effect (effect pedal ...) and the results in a drum machine and very generous humanisé.j 'uses the bass drum + snare + cymbals + opened and closed the clash and percussionist who is not bad acompagné a slight reverb.


I use it for a year after releasing (domage. ..!) TR 707.J I love it with the TR505 are clear digital sound but I preferred my TR 707 analog hottest and the most it had a volume control knob a zipper for each instrument.Sur the 505 level must be pressed to choose the instrument and press another button unless pratique.Un least for live 707.Conclusion that we will go a long way together, I'm not ready to I think the sell and buy a 707 TR has a chance!