Roland TR-505
Roland TR-505

TR-505, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

jeffer7 05/03/2008

Roland TR-505 : jeffer7's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Old MODELS simple and concise online Austr. All the main sounds to get support on rock / blues / jazz
It's the old trs strandard connection, and even asked when bbte six batteries that are usually wasted if you forget the button on / off


With childlike record: there are a few ways to know who learned in less than 2min and go. To its rhythms and whole pieces will need to spend a few 1 / 4 hours on the record.
however, no notice: no chocolate.
Even if it's simple it is MANDATORY

Ideal for beginners or for not taking the head


The sounds are excellent. Now that it sr branch on my little amp and working on the branch of a monstrous amp buddy, is your exact diffrent trs.


I've had 2 / 3 years, it includes everything I expect from a rhythm box: simple, efficient modularity.
The only trouble is telling me that one day it will fall can be broken down and that I should buy another ... the same.