Sabian Hardshell Cymbal Case
Sabian Hardshell Cymbal Case
TycoTyco 12/06/2010

Sabian Hardshell Cymbal Case : TycoTyco's user review

«  Although rigid so effective »

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Value For Money : Correct
22 inch rigid.

Easily accommodates 8 cymbals.

Allow 2 felt washers to protect the threaded rod, the cymbals are completely safe given the rigidity of the case.

The 2 "feet" are well thought out, the case is well postion vertical.

I much prefer to cover this case, even though padded.

Value for money correctly, used at 50 euros no hesitation.

Simple and effective. From "HEFTY" ...

And truly, I do not understand the view of SAFTI, because with this case SABIAN, the cymbals are really safe, and given its quality and its price, it has little competitor ...

PS: I have no action at Sabian, Paiste I play on ...