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Rayzoon Ai-Pak for Jamstix

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Rayzoon has announced the release of AI-Pak, an eclectic collection of styles and drummers for Jamstix.


According to Rayzoon, the drummers include:

  • DARREN - designed to deliver "complex snare and hihat patterns and fast fills"
  • DAVE - "sophisticated fusion drummer"
  • KEITH - "wild rock drummer that can be tamed"
  • LATINO - "can turn any style into something latin"
  • MEL - "rock drummer with heavy tom fills"
  • PETER - "jazz stick drummer." Triplets, paradiddles and more.
  • SIMON - "expressive, inventive and playful with hard-hitting fills."
  • WILL - modern rock/pop drummer with kick and snare groove shaping.


Styles announced by Rayzoon:

  • AFRO-CUBAN: Cha-Cha-Cha, Custom Latin, Rumba, Salsa, Songo.
  • BLUES: Bo Diddley, Freeway Shuffle, SiPhi Shuffle.
  • BRAZILIAN: Baion.
  • CARIBBEAN: Reggae HT.
  • FUNK: 6/8 Funk, Dave Funk, No Down.
  • JAZZ & SWING: Big Band, Custom Jazz.
  • MARCH: New Orleans.
  • METAL: U-Pick Metal 2-Bar.
  • WORLD RHYTHMS: Beguine, Bolero, Merengue, Middle Eastern, Tango.
  • PUNK: Jungle Punk, Punk.
  • ROCK: Clock Day, Ecclectic, Odd Shuffle, Rosa Shuffle, Shuffle Tom HT, Songo Rock HT.


Pricing & Availability

AI-Pak is available now for $29 in the Rayzoon online store. As an introductory offer, the styles and drummers of MetalPak will be included for free (ends 28 February, 2011).


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