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Millenium Drums & Percussion user reviews

  • Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set

    Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set - " Good Electronic Drums"


    Hello everybody!<div> So I use this&nbsp;drum kit&nbsp;electronics since February 2010 and I had no problem! The sounds on offer are rather similar, the possibility to <a> by DownloadNSave" id="_GPLITA_0" style="text-decoration:underline" href="#" i…

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - " Excellent value for money"


    I use this double pedal for a month. I had already tried a Stagg double pedal and an Iron Cobra. Obviously, this double pedal is not worth an Iron Cobra, however, despite its price, it remains the same quality that Stagg at 170 €. What I like mo…

  • Millenium MPS-300

    Millenium MPS-300 - zicopilote's review


    Over time, by linking the mix (with the TD-6V), we see that the mechanics does not: Cymbals that break, which vibrates rack, screw foirent, plastics that crack, etc. ... manufacturing quality zero, zero reliability, thus constantly under repair in th…

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - hornet 22's review


    HOW LONG HAVE YOU USE IT? I bought three at Thoman and I kept the boards +-1year. YOU'VE TRIED MANY OTHER MODELS PRIOR TO PURCHASE? I had not purchased a new drumkit of OCCAZ or the guy gave me with two three foot, so I needed and I walk those pri…

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - karthen's review


    * For how long have you been using it? for over a month * What thing do you like most/least about it? Most: - The price! - Stability (for the "low-end" is surprising, like AC up to big brands) Minimum: - Nothing for now, may be positioned f…

  • Millenium MD70

    Millenium MD70 - Winnerjoe's review


    I bought it from thomann and he soon departed. I was looking for a trigger noon to play my batteries, but it has no correct answer at the triggers, you must type hard to have a sound. Its sucks, sucks, touch, unusable. …

  • Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE

    Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE - The_Censored's review


    <strong>For how long have you been using it? Its going to make 1-year and dust ... Did you try many other models before getting this one? My GC-pedal comes with drumkit: incomparable I tried various pedals since Pearl or Sonor Tama and this …

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - Slode's review


    - Since less than 1 month - No this is my first double pedal guitar is at the base I just that and it's more than enough because my projects are not double at full speed as the big death metal even though I love it. -Plus: Fairly easy to set up…

  • Millenium MPS-400

    Millenium MPS-400 - airdrummer's review


    I use this drumkit for a year Yes I tried the DTXPLORER, the Roland TD6, 9.12 The particular feature I like best ... see ... the price those I like least -The quality of the module mdiocre sounds, touch and bounce pads, the noise produced…

  • Millenium RW500 RHYTHMPUMPER

    Millenium RW500 RHYTHMPUMPER - philou33's review


    I use it for 5 months, its only defect is the manual (English, German) …