Gretsch Renown Maple
Gretsch Renown Maple

Renown Maple, Drum Set from Gretsch in the Renown series.

MGR/drumlover65 01/27/2009

Gretsch Renown Maple : MGR/drumlover65's user review

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I just bought the "Deep Inca Gold" Renown Maple kit. 16x20" bass, 10" and 12" toms, and 14"x14" floor tom. I also own a "New Classic fusion" kit, and the bopd sized "125th anniversary" kit. I love Jazz/Fusion, but I play all styles,literally!

I bought these kits at Jeff Ryder's shop in Austin,TX. I paid $1,100 for the Renown's, $3,200 for the 125th anniversary kit, and $1800 for the New Classic's.

By the way, the snare on the anniversary kit is autographed by Fred Gretsch!!

I LOVE Gretsch drums!! They all have a warm brilliant tone that just melts into the music. I recently read a review claiming that Gretsch don't hold their tuning. Huh?? These drums are so hard to knock out of tune I think I might retire the drum dial and drum key. The Renown's especially sounded great right out of the boxes!!! They look great too!! Bonus!

N/A ... nuff' said.

Top notch quality with all phases. I've owned almost every brand made over 25 years, and gretsch simply are the very best!!

You could buy any Gretsch product and feel safe that if you don't like it, someone will. They hold resale value very well!! To the guy who couldn't tume the Renown Maple kit and used duct tape...duct tape?? that says alot!!!!

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