Pearl Forum Fusion 20"
Pearl Forum Fusion 20"

Forum Fusion 20", Drum Set from Pearl in the Forum series.

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A.B.Y.M. 08/11/2012

Pearl Forum Fusion 20" : A.B.Y.M.'s user review

«  Effective. »

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Fusion offers the model of drums smaller: bass drum 20 "toms 10" and 12 "floor tom 14". Wood snare (nice).
I took it with black hardware (not chrome). This is a beautiful object.

Toms are not drilled and detailed sound, with a nice sustain and honest.
However, I changed all the skins of strikes by Remo pin-stripes for toms, powerstroke 3 for the bass drum, and an Emperor for the snare. the skins original sound correctly, but are very fragile.
Drums have a good original sound, since I do not matifies: it sounds natural, and it's clean (no unpleasant harmonics).

As provided in the kit cymbals, sell at the price of metal, it will at least something, because it is very light, see bad. In short, we must invest in brand cymbals.

The accessories are correct.

By dint of settings, I could get a sound very good, since we have taken studio confused with the "trigg" digital, it sounds so clean and well ... in a metal style. But that requires taking the time to properly adjust its drumkit, and have a frank hits.
In the club, without sound, it sounds. In big room, wired for sound, it sounds too.

I would not recommend it for jazz. To rock a little tough, it's good.
There, biensur, much better, but it's more expensive! Here, we are not stolen, it's effective.