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MGR/Jerry - Bellaire MI 02/17/2010

Sonor Force 1001 : MGR/Jerry - Bellaire MI's user review

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I inherited a Sonor 1001 from my deceased uncle. The color is a nice wine read and the drums sizes are the rock sizes. I am impressed with the quality of this kit that is labeled an entry level kit. I'm 50 and have been playing drums since I was 9. My current drums are Vintage 60/70's Slingerlands. This Sonor kit is one nice kit for the money they went for. The model is outdated but the kit was brand new when my uncle passed.

I think my uncle paid about $300 or $350 for the kit in 2006. He bought them at a store in the Bay City/Saginaw area in Michigan. His purchase was to just dink around when he got bored. I believe he bought them as a close out item. He was a miser.

I like everything about this drumset. The color is vibrant. The shells are solid. I replaced the batter heads with Evans G2 and these things rock. I put a Aquarian Superkick
II on the BD and it rocks. I'm not real used to the power toms so I only use the 12'. Even though i'm 6 ft tall the kit feels real big to me.

The only thing I don't like about this kit is the depth of the toms. I would much prefer the standard 8x12 and 9x13.

Excellent quality and contruction on the shells.

My final thoughts are the Sonor Force series far outshines the competitors in quality for the money. In retrospect I also realized that these were the same drums being played by most of the cat's on Bourbon Street on my visit to New Orleans in 2007. You can't go wrong with these drums.

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